Frequently Asked Questions

Independence is the goal, getting there is the challenge

I feel my best time to receive treatments is early, before work. Can appointments be scheduled around my work hours?

Yes, we take pride in offering the most flexible schedule available. We will meet you where and when it's best for you!

How long do treatment sessions last?

Full hour, one-on-one treatment sessions work best to insure the maximum results in the shortest time.

How long will it be before I notice improvement?

Each treatment plan is based on the individual. A comprehensive physical therapy evaluation is part of designing a practical treatment strategy. Your personal goals and abilities will also be an important part of determining frequency and duration of treatment.

What other services do you offer for workplace injuries?

We can provide ergonomic evaluations of your desk or workplace to treat and help prevent work-related injuries.

Will insurance cover my therapy sessions?

Insurance will often cover your therapy sessions. We will work with you to get the forms you need to submit claims to your health insurance provider.